You will have questions

Whilst we work 7 days a week, you may not always be able to speak to us straight away. So here is some information to help you plan next steps, as well as help you decide what you want to do.

Whilst a death can be shocking the aftermath doesn’t need to be rushed. Take your time.

We have spoken to hundreds of people who have lost a pet and hopefully we cover all the things we have ever been asked but if we have missed one please do contact us.

Our most frequently asked ones:

How does it work?

  1. Select your pet - if its a dog select the right size dog cremation.
  2. Select what type of collection and return you want. £50 for return via special delivery or £100 for in person return.
  3. Select any extras such as paw prints and fur cuttings.
  4. Select what receptacle you want to receive the ashes in. Ashes will go into a sealed plastic bag and that will be placed in a scatter tube as standard, included in the cost of cremation. We do have boxes and can get them engraved if you like.
  5. Check out. If your pet is at a vet add the vets details in the notes section. We will confirm collection arrangements with you.
  6. Pay. We will get your address from there and will contact you to confirm collection. If its the middle of the night we will be in touch at 8am to arrange collection.

Where do you cover?

We cover: Greater London, Essex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex and Kent

More on our About us page

Kind Funerals offer dedicated and caring pet cremations. Based on the Berkshire-Surrey border we cover Greater London and all the home counties. 

We are kind to pets, treating them with respect and dignity, with individual attention and treatment. We do not do communal cremations. 

We are kind to the earth, with all our services being net zero. This comes as standard, with no extra charge.

We are kind to people. We know what it is like to love and lose a pet. We even offer family plots for ashes so you have the option to be together forever. 

Where are you based?

We are based in Surrey and cover all of the areas listed above.

More on our About us page

When are you open?

We are open seven days a week. If we miss your call in the night we will call you first thing to help.

Do I have to pay everything in full upfront?

We appreciate that death of a loved one is often sudden and an unexpected cost so we do everything we can to help you afford the funeral you want.

We offer interest free payment plans ranging from 3 to 12 monthly instalments.

Can you collect my pet in the middle of the night?

You may reach us by phone at night but if you don't, we will call you back first thing in the morning. We tend to finish collections at 5pm but may be flexible.

If something has happened at night, don't panic. Your pet will be ok to be left for a while. Wrap them up in their favourite blanket and keep them in a cool place.

Do you euthanise pets?

No we don’t. Your vet can do this and we can collect your pet from either your vet or your home.

How long does it all take?

The cremation time depends on the weight of the animal and the fat content.

A rodent may take 40 minutes and a chubby labrador (love them) could take up to two hours. Ashes then need to be processed to become fine powder and cooled to be placed into the sealed plastic container.

We can do same day cremations for an additional charge but the standard is to give it two to three days. This also allows time for keepsakes to be arranged, such as fur cuttings and paw prints.

What should I do with their things?

When your pet dies you will have items that belonged to them, maybe including an old pair of slippers if your pet is as naughty as our Snoopy!

We suggest you keep a few treasured mementoes, such as a collar or a toy. You can get a keepsake box and keep them with the ashes or frame them with a photo.

Other items we suggest you store. Whilst you may not be able to contemplate another pet right now, you may become ready to welcome another furry friend into your life in the future. Give yourself time before rushing into final decisions.

Of course, if you want a clean break, your local charity shop may be a good place to donate items to help someone else take good care of their pet.

Do you do horses?

Yes. We have a horse cremation service that does include euthanasia if needed.

Do you do communal cremations?

No. All our cremations are unique to your pet, with individual ashes are returned to you.

Do I have to buy a casket for my pet?

Our standard cremations return a sealed plastic bag with the ashes in a sturdy cardboard box.

You can choose to purchase a casket or urn from us or look around - Etsy has some inspiring items.

Take your time, ashes aren’t going anywhere.

Do you do paw prints and fur cuttings?

We sure do. We will check if you want this. There is a range of memorabilia things from prints to jewellery, portraits and casts.

What happens to my pet once it has been collected?

We collect our pets either in a dedicated trailer or in one of our vans. They are all put gently into a soft basket with a blanket - we can either use their favourite one, or can provide ours.

Your pet’s details are recorded and a pet passport is created that follows your pet through its journey of being cremated and ashes returned.

On arrival at our premises your pet will be placed temporarily in our cooler, to keep them secure and their dignity intact, whilst we prepare for their cremation.

The cremation itself is very similar to a human cremation. We are present throughout the whole process - they are never left alone. We say a few words in memory and create a respectful environment.

What happens if I leave my pet with the vet?

Most pets are put to sleep and that usually happens at the vets. Your vet may have a contact who can cremate your pet, but these services tend to freeze your pet before they can be part of a communal cremation where pets are cremated in bulk. This is also often without the option of having ashes are returned. This is the cheapest option.

We are working with an increasing number of vets to provide an alternative. You can also book with us direct and we can collect from any vet. Once you have placed your booking, we can make the arrangements with your vet direct.

How long will we be grieving?

Grieving is the process of understanding you have endured a loss. There is no universal measure. There is no ease in how long a pet has lived or how they died. We love our pets and their death creates a hole in our lives.

It is important to acknowledge your sadness and those who loved your pet. Talking about memories and behaviours that characterised your pet help imprint memories that will be a comfort.

Eventually time is the solution. The sadness may remain but new good things will happen to make you smile once more.